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Jennifer Niceley may have left her family farm in east Tennessee for the bright lights of Nashville a few years back but it's clear she never really left. That particular sense of wide open space, lingering twilight, moon shadows and the rich smell of tilled soil permeate her songs like a soft, soaking rain...

Producer and instrumentalist John Estes...captures the vulnerability in Niceley's whisper-close voice, the faint sensual traces of Billie Holiday and Nina Simone melding with strings, shuffled rhythms and a pedal steel. Few albums sound as personal or as quietly profound as this...

Direct Current Music

"It might seem premature to call this Nashville singer's first full-length a break-through, but that's very much the way it sounds...Moody, restive, and purposeful, Niceley has made one of the most purely beautiful records of the year."

Roy Kasten - NO DEPRESSION magazine

"Niceley's impressive Billie Holiday-inspired vocal style has earned her critical praise in Music City... Her live performances are consistently superb, bringing the record's production polish to life and then some..."

Vincent Wynne -

New York Music Daily Review

Garden and Gun Article

Knoxville Mercury